January 21, 2024, Dixie Chile Ranch Update

Snowy Fields
Snowy Field

A quick update on what’s happening at the Dixie Chile Ranch.
Brrrrr – it’s been extremely cold! (Like I’m telling you something you don’t  know.) Hope all is well around your home.
We didn’t do much outside on the farm the last 7 days other than make sure the frost covers over the strawberries stayed put.
With the anticipated couple of inches of rain this week, I’m pretty we won’t get very much done outside this week either.

However, it’s time to start cleaning the Seedling Grow Room, getting all of our trays cleaned, making sure the grow lights and heating pads are operating correctly, and replacing what isn’t. I’ll also be purchasing the seedling grow mix, inventorying our seeds, and ordering what we’ll be needing. Now is the time – if you have any special requests for what you’d like to see us grow for your Harvest Boxes, let us know!
Here’s the link to what we’re planning to grow this year. https://dixiechileranch.com/home/dixie-chile-ranch-grow-list/

It’s time to reserve your Dixie Chile Ranch CSA Membership for 2024! We have a limited number of 2024 CSA memberships still available.
New for this year is our Half CSA Membership which provides just the right amount of fresh produce weekly for 1 to 2 people.
And of course, we still offer our full CSA membership, great for a family of 3 to 5 people.

Keep in mind you have until June 1st, 2024 to pay in full. However, if you pay by March 1, 2024, you’ll receive a $20 voucher to purchase anything we grow, in addition to what’s in your CSA Harvest Box. (I just need to know so I don’t accidentally overbook our CSA membership capacity.) Remember we also have several payment plans or we can customize one especially for you.

How to help reduce the high cost of produce from the grocery store and online produce delivery. Buy from a local farmer. Also, in Tennessee when you purchase fruit and vegetables grown by a local farmer, there’s no sales tax which means you are automatically saving nearly 10% on your grocery bill. Also, there’s no shipping costs. That’s a great way to take a bite out of rising food prices and inflation while supporting local farmers.

By investing in our Dixie Chile Ranch Community Supported Agriculture CSA Membership, you’ll receive a CSA Harvest Box filled with fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables, for 12 to 14 weeks during harvest season (June through September), either delivered to your door or available for pick up at our farm store outside of Kenton.

For details go to https://dixiechileranch.com/csa-membership/ or call 731-225-0456