3-14 2024 Dixie Chile Ranch Update

Peach Blossoms (China Pearl

It’s Pi Day! (3.14 – 2024) This can only mean it’s time to think about strawberry, peach, blueberry, and apple pies. So you can make those pies, we grow strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and apples here at the Dixie Chile Ranch! We’re just now pruning the last of the peach trees. We’ll be covering the strawberries with frost covers on Sunday until Wednesday to protect their flowers from the light freeze coming Sunday, Monday, and possibly Tuesday night where the lows will be from 33° F to maybe 29° F.

Interesting facts: Strawberry flowers are susceptible to frost and freezing temperatures. Peach blooms are OK to around 28° F, but under 28° F they’ll start freezing, and flowers and future peaches are damaged. Under 25° F they are completely destroyed. With blueberries, their individual flowers – fully developed with expanded white petals but not yet fully open – can tolerate 24° to 27°F. When most of the flowers on the bush have opened, this bloom stage can tolerate 28°F. In full bloom, blueberry flowers are only safe to 32°. Apples have the same sensitivity as peaches to freezing temperatures.

From all indications, temperatures are not forecast to drop below 29° F and that’s an outside chance, at this time. However, that’s subject to change. Most forecast models have 30° F as the lowest; some even show 33° F as the lowest. So, based on the current models we should have minimal to no damage to our fruit crops. However, prayers and warm thoughts would be appreciated!

On the brighter side, all our pepper and tomato seedlings are healthy in our grow room. We should be transferring them to cell trays this weekend. We also have our soil tests being completed so we can start preparing our plant beds very soon.

Don’t forget we have a new adventure this year!

Farmers Market at Dixie Chile Ranch will open on Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 8 am to noon. It will operate every Saturday from 8 am to noon through October 26th, 2024.

We so very much appreciate everyone who’s joined our 2024 CSA. Your investment is invaluable in helping us have all the seeds, potting soil, and supplies needed to ensure we have a great 2024 growing season. To those still looking to make your investment in our farm in exchange for 12 weeks of Dixie Chile Ranch fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your door (we have just a couple of memberships yet available for the 2024 season), please send me a text (731-225-0456) or email dixiechileranch@gmail.com to make your CSA membership reservation. The investment is either $400 for a half bushel or $250 for a quarter bushel of produce for 12 weeks, from mid-June to the end of September.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me by email or phone 731-225-0456 any time. For more information about our CSA memberships, Home and Business Produce Delivery, and Farmers Market at Dixie Chile Ranch go to https://dixiechileranch.com. Again, thank you for your support! It’s very much appreciated.