Saturday, March 7, 2020, Dixie Chile Ranch Update

Tomato rows

Good morning Saturday to all our Dixie Chile Ranch Friends;

Don’t forget the Kenton Spring Fling Arts and Crafts Market next Saturday, March 14, 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Kenton Gym

Just a quick note on what’s going on at the Dixie Chile Ranch:

Strawberries have been uncovered and awaken from their winter slumber. At present we are looking towards the last week in April for the berries to be ready to pick.

Blueberries are beginning to bud and looking healthy, still too early to determine when the first ones will be ready to harvest.

Peach trees have all been pruned and are just about ready to burst into full flower, we are looking forward to another great year for our  peaches

Tomato plants are getting their secondary leaves and are looking very healthy

Pepper plants are now about an inch and half tall and looking very strong.

The beehives are showing increased activity with bees heading out to gather their first pollen of the year from the henbit, daffodils,  dandelions, and crocus that are blooming!

We are looking forward to starting to till and prepare our tomato and pepper fields for planting, hopefully, the rain will ease and the ground will dry soon so we can get to work.

Currently, we are cleaning up the weeds and debris from the strawberries rows, removing the pruned limbs from under the peach and apple trees along with setting up our irrigation systems.

We love spring and al the newness to life it brings.

We are honored to be your farmer.

Tim Brady
Dixie Chile Ranch