Dixie Chile Ranch Update 5/12/2020

Sorry for the long period between posts, we’ve been busy here at the Dixie Chile Ranch focusing on getting our 2020 season crops in the ground.

Please remember you have until May 24, 2020, to sign up for our Annual CSA Membership Delivery Service ( Sign up and pay the annual membership fee by May 24th and receive 5 Clam-shells of Strawberries delivered to your door as a signing dividend.
Details Here

We also offer Home and Business Delivery to Union City, Martin, and Kenton on Selected days each week, Details Here

Strawberries have been coming in spurts because of the cold and rainy weather. With temperatures rising to the mid 80’s this week they should start ripening at a much more consistent pace. From the forecasts through Memorial Day we should be harvesting strawberries into the first week of June. Please remember to order your strawberries in advance as we are selling out of what being picked a week in advance. Please email your orders to dixiechileranch@gmail.com. Please include Name, Phone number, Address, and what you want to order in the email.
Pricing is by the 1lb Clam-shell One to nine are $3 each, ten for $28, and twelve for $33. We also deliver to Union City, Martin, and Kenton on selected days for an additional $5 delivery fee, so let us know if you want us to deliver on the next selected date for your town to your home or office.

Blueberries – look like we’ll be picking them in about 2 weeks.
Pricing will be $4 per pint. We will let you know when you can start ordering.

Don’t forget we also have local raw honey from our beehives.
1lb -$8, 3lbs-$20, Whipped Honey 3/4lb- $8, 1.5 lbs- $15 and 1.5lbs with honeycomb -$15
And heat up your life with our red and green Chile powders 2oz – $8

Please take a look at our most recent Dixie Chile Ranch Update Video for May 12, 2020 additional updates on the goings on at the Dixie Chile Ranch.

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