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Dixie Chile Ranch,
Kenton, Tennessee

Established 2010

Dixie Chile Ranch's Mission

To grow the best fruits and vegetables in NW Tennessee to help promote a healthier lifestyle for our customers.

We are Honored to be Your Farmer

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Dixie Chile Ranch's Online Products

Please Read Before You Purchase Any of Our Year-Round Products

Limited Supply
We spend the non-growing winter season producing many of our Year-Round products. This means there’s only so much of each item available, dependent on our harvest of the previous year and what we can produce from those harvested items. We’ll mark any item we’re out of as Out Of Stock.

Note: 3 lb  and glass jar honey can’t currently be shipped.

We ship in the USPS Small Flat Rate Box for $10 S&H
we can fit up to 6 Chile Powder Tins or two 1 lb Bottles of Honey in each box. However if you only order one Chile Powder Tin or one 1 lb Honey bottle the shipping cost will still be $10. 

If you order both Chile Powder and Honey we can ship one Honey and three Chile powder Tins in the same box.

Any Order can also be picked up at our Roadside Stand, 3159 E. Union Grove Road, Kenton, TN 38233. From May through October, purchased items can be delivered to Union City, TN Martin, TN, and Kenton customers on Thursdays when we make our CSA and Business & Home Deliveries.

If these arrangements don’t work for you, please call 731-225-0456 before completing your online order so we can figure out a way for you to get your purchased items.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate being your farmer.

Our Black Label Raw Honey
Dixie Chile Ranch
Black Label Local Raw Honey.
We maintain 10+ very productive beehives which pollinate our fruits and vegetables.

3 lbs Local Raw Honey in a Squeeze Bottle

This item can't be Shipped you must pick up at the Roadside Stand


1.5 lbs Local Raw Honey with HoneyComb

This item can't be Shipped you must pick up at the Roadside Stand

Dixie Chile Ranch Signature
Handcrafted Chile Powders

2oz Chile powder Tin

Dixie Chile Ranch Signature Chile Powders are made from the freshest chile peppers grown on the Ranch.
They contain no fillers or additives, just pure, dried chile peppers.
Our roasted chiles are prepared over a cherry/maple wood fire and then dried in our dehydrator. 

Fresh Herbs

COVID-19 Notice 
To our customers:
e’re in uncharted waters with the Social Distancing we’re being told to practice under the COVID-19 Emergency. With all the uncertainty of how the local State and Federal governments are going to look at people gathering at Farmers Markets, we here at the Dixie Chile Ranch are putting together contingency plans. We want to make our fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables readily available to all our current customers and others seeking food transparency: where it comes from, how it’s handled and who has handled it.

Now for the plans we’ve put together to help our area neighbors to receive our fresh fruit and vegetables for the 2021 growing season while maintaining our social distance to remain safe and healthy.

One suggestion is to sign up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership over the summer saving you $160 with a discounted price and free delivery.