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Now Taking CSA Reservations for 2022

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What is Community Supported Agriculture?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. Consumers become CSA members by paying an agreed amount at the beginning of the growing season. You will receive on Thursday each week a variety of fruits and vegetables that are ready for harvest.

Our Best Value
Our ANNUAL CSA Membership
Registration for 2022 is NOW OPEN.

We still have a few Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Memberships for 2022 available. Keep in mind our CSA Memberships remain just $400 for 16 weeks of deliveries for a ½ bushel of what we are harvesting each week. (Same price as the last two years.) That’s just $25 per week and is guaranteed not to increase in price this year no matter what the economy does. Not to mention deliveries will be fresh, local, and in-stock every week!

Please contact us ASAP to make a reservation via email  or call 731-225-0456
Once you’ve made your Reservation You’ll have until May 1, 2022, to pay your membership in full.

You can pay in full by check or through PayPal any time from January 1 through April 1, 2022, or make four equal payments of $100 during that same period. Just contact us and let us know what you’d like to do!

You’ll save  $160 savings  (a  $10 discount per Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box) over the entire Summer for a total savings of $80. (Our standard non-CSA  Weekly Fruit & Veggie Box is $35 The prepaid Weekly CSA Box is $25.) 

Your CSA Box contents will be delivered every week and placed in your cooler from around June 9, 2022, to approximately September 22, 2022. (Our CSA box is approx. 18.5”L x11.5”W x 7”H.) Delivery day will be on Thursdays each week. Please let us know when you sign up whether you want: one WITH Hot Chiles or one WITHOUT Hot Chiles.

Each week’s delivery will consist of a variety of our fruits and vegetables that are ready to harvest that week.

We will also have items that we grow or we bake that will only be available to CSA Members.

The cost of the Annual CSA is $400 for the entire 16 weeks of deliveries. It is the best guarantee that you’ll receive a box of healthy, locally-grown fruit and vegetables each week through the growing season, as Annual CSA members have first priority on all produce. YOU’LL SAVE $80 OVER THE SUMMER.

Roadside Stand Pick-up: You can also pick up your CSA order at our Roadside Stand at 3159 E. Union Grove, Kenton TN 38233. Just let us know on any Wednesday what day and time you will be picking up your CSA order.

All sales are subject to product availability. All sales are final. Because we’re dealing with perishable food, we may, at our discretion, determine some items are not up to our high standards and pull them from the market.

In those rare situations, we’ll either issue credit for a future purchase if selected items are no longer available or replace any questionable product with fruits or vegetables of equal value to the buyer’s choice. Just let us know at the time of your next purchase.


DCR Annual CSA Membership

Please wait until you’ve received an Invoice from us before paying your 2022
CSA Membership Fee.