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All folks wanting to receive the Dixie Chile Ranch Email Updates, please fill out the form below. 

By joining the  Email Updates, you'll receive emails notifying you on  what we're planting, what's available for You-Pick, What's available for Reserved Orders, and what we will have each Saturday at the Martin Area Farmers Market, along with our other products and services along with  our plans for the future.

We look forward to providing you with locally grown produce. Feel free to list in the Comments Section any type of  produce you'd like to see us grow.  

For Reserved Order  Customers who have landed on this page: please fill out the form below. In the Comments Section. Include a list of the items and the quantity of each item you would like to purchase along with a date and time you'd like to pick up and pay for the items.. We will send you a Reply Email with the amount of money due and if we can meet your pick-up date and time. You will then receive a phone call or text when the order is ready for pick up at our Roadside Stand. 

For more information on Making a Reserved Order Click Here

Thank you and gracias!
Dixie Chile Ranch Email Registration
And Reserved Order Form

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By filling out this form you'll receive our Update Emails with a list of available fresh, ready-to-harvest produce with our current prices, along with available You-Pick dates and times.

We value your privacy, so we'll never share or sell your information with anyone, period. You may opt out of receiving our emails at any time by sending us a reply with CANCEL in the subject line and you'll be removed from our list.

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